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Mo  | Startup Executive

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I was at a very exciting and somewhat stressful point in my life. I’d just walked away from a successful career as a Microsoft executive to launch a start-up and I had a new son. While I was confident in myself and my choice to launch my new business, I thought I could use some extra support with two things:

♦ Making the mental leap from corporate executive to startup founder.

♦ Actualizing my full potential and power as a business leader by scaling myself and my company, Karat, as quickly and effectively as possible.


The three most important things I got from working with Rodney are:

1. Time doesn’t equal quality. I work super effectively, diligently and in a way that balances my family life.  It’s not that I did not work smart before Rodney.  It’s just now I’m on ultra-octane, making sure that the time I spend is extremely high ROI.

2. Always bring key decisions back to my personal mission and the “Why.”  As a founder, you face lots of tough choices and distractions–some strategic, some day-to-day.  Rodney has helped me remember to bring it back to the reason why Karat exists and to lead from that place of connection and vision.

3. I’ve built a strong and healthy relationship with my co-founder.  The best companies are grounded in successful partnerships.  I’ve learned how to build one with my co-founder through my work with Rodney.  The returns on that are 10x.


The results have been phenomenal. Within the first year, we crossed seven figures of revenue, raised capital from top Silicon Valley funds and we are fulfilling on our mission to transform how the world’s leading companies hire.

Not only am I producing great results in my company, but I’m doing it without compromising my commitment to health, to being a loving husband and a great father. In fact, Rodney’s biggest supporter is probably my wife! I now have two kids and I know I can be there for them, as well as be the successful CEO I aspired to when I first started my work with Rodney.

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