Kathy Metcalf, LCSW-C

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One of the great privileges of being a psychotherapist is to experience the growth of a client.  Sometimes that shift is subtle, almost imperceptible to the outside world.  Making those shifts an intimate sharing between client and therapist.  And then there are times, when the shift is grand.  Outsiders notice the person as being more powerful, confident and comfortable in their own skin.  This kind of shift is not only life changing for the client it has the potential to change the world.

For almost two years now, I’ve had the great pleasure to witness that kind of change in Rodney Mueller.  He has learned to embrace all aspects of himself from his greatness to his more dark and human frailties.  Upon meeting Rodney I felt this great potential buried beneath his life stories and defenses.  In a very short time, he’s managed to lovingly notice those blocks to allow his heart to show, his brilliance of mind to blossom and his craft of leadership to expand.  If ever there was a coach to lead humans to loving, power and purpose, Rodney Mueller is someone I would want leading my way.

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