Hi, I’m Rodney.

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I help leaders and spiritually minded people create lives they love. It took me years of chasing the next big achievement to finally realize that true fulfillment and satisfaction doesn’t exist in achievements that we think will fix what’s wrong with us. I work with my clients to help them live their life aligned with creating what they truly want in their life.


I’ve called myself a life coach, a spiritual leader, a leadership consultant, a spiritual guide, a human effectiveness expert, a career fulfillment coach, a business coach among others. I’ve never landed on one phrase that accurately describes my work.

I’ve been given a gift, an instrument that I’ve honed through my own journey including education, training and most importantly heartbreak. This gift allows me to see into people who they are in their highest and most expressed self. This gift allows me to help people see this for themselves and to design their life this empowered view of themselves.

This is the real miracle of my work. Yes it produces extraordinary results, my clients tend to make more money, find the relationship they always wanted, land the job or move to the place they always wanted, but the foundational miracle that occurs is that the human beings I work with come to realize who they really are, what they are truly capable of if their fears and limiting beliefs were no longer in the way.

This foundational miracle allows people to pursue the path they always wanted, the path that they are meant to follow.

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