No More Soul Crushing Career

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I promise you CAN have a career that doesn’t crush your soul. I will help you uncover a career path that inspires you like only your life purpose could. And, contrary to what you may be thinking, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of financial success.



You were born with a purpose. A reason for existing on the planet; A gift that you are meant to provide in every encounter and in every relationship in your life.

It is not something to find, rather it is something to uncover, for it exists within you right now, as it always has. You may be too scared at the prospect of living up to your purpose, you may believe you are not good enough to live up to it, you may be too consumed by what you think you should do, or your parents think you should do, or society says you should do. These are the conditioned thoughts and beliefs that hide your purpose from you.

When you uncover your purpose, you must fearlessly orient your life to living it. Not because I said so, not because God said so, or because it’s the right thing to do, but because you intuitively know that your life will never quite be complete, never quite be fulfilled until you honor this purpose in your work, in your relationship and with yourself.

This is my purpose. To take you on a journey to yourself, to guide to you your divine self, the self that has a timeless mission, the self that is insatiably inspired, energized and joyful; the self that touches others in a life-changing way.

When you align your life with this part of you, your life purpose, your soul, your divinity, your highest and best; you will experience a previously unimagined level of joy and success in your career, romantic partnerships and your overall experience of your self.

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