Rodney’s Military Experience

Rodney has been quietly serving in the Army Reserve for over 12 years and currently holds the rank of Sergeant First Class.  At the ripe age of 17, Rodney began his career in the military as a Chemical Operations Specialist, attending boot camp and advanced training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

In just two years, Rodney was promoted 4 times, becoming one of the youngest Non Commissioned Officers in the entire Army.  In 2003, as Shock and Awe began over Iraq, Rodney, now 21 years old, was promoted again to E-6, Staff Sergeant, and selected to be a team leader as the unit prepared for deployment as the world’s first Joint Biological Point Detection Platoon.

In 2005, Rodney pursued an opportunity to enhance his leadership and make a greater impact on the Army and future generations. After completing a grueling re-do of basic training, known as Drill Sergeant School, Rodney was awarded the distinction of Army Drill Sergeant.

In 2009, Rodney was deployed to Fort Knox, KY as a Senior Drill Sergeant and conducted 3 full cycles of Basic Combat Training for new recruits in the Army.  Both cycles he led were awarded Honor Platoon, the highest distinction for a Basic Training Platoon, awarded to the best performing platoon.

Rodney infused his experience as a coach and a leader, along with a steadfast commitment to call each one of his recruits to be their best.



Rodney’s military awards and decorations include:

Army Commendation Medal (5th Award), Army Achievement Medal (5th Award), Armed Forces Reserve Medal, National Defense Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Medal with M Device, German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency (Gold), Army Physical Fitness Badge, Drill Sergeant Identifier, among others.