Time and Money

Time and Money:  The two things we never have enough of that run our life.

One of the biggest shifts that clients of StL Coaching report is the shift that has them generating a relationship with time and money that is of abundance rather than scarcity.



Ever catch yourself saying things like, “There’s never enough time in the day, ” or “I would love to do that, but I just don’t have enough time.”

This is a funny and sadly common conversation and the ironic thing is that everyone has the same amount of time.  Its a constant, 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year.  So if everyone has the same amount of time, what’s the breakdown.  Why are we constantly a slave to time.  Why do we never have enough?

The simple answer is that, its not how much time we have, it’s about how we choose to spend our time. Most of us sabotage our time by doing things that aren’t in line with generating our best self.  We are a victim to our choices of how we spend time.  For example, do you commit to things simply because you feel bad or feel like you should?  When someone asks for a volunteer at church or work and the room is silent, are you the one who raises your hand even though you don’t want to?

Another way people sabotage their time is by translating how much time they spend on something into how much they are valued. Notice yourself dedicating more time by staying late, arriving extra early, working on the weekends in order to seem more valuable?

You may be able to sustain this for awhile and may even get recognized for your efforts, however true satisfaction and power lies in aligning your deepest intentions with how you use your time.

If any of this resonates with you, consider working with a coach to free yourself from the TIME TRAP.



Money, money, money…  It solves everything right? If only you had a little more, everything would be okay, you would be happy and fulfilled right?




If we are being honest, you and I both know that money doesn’t solve your problems.  Solving your relationship to money is the key.

Everyone has their own wacky story about money that often gets in their way of creating it, saving it or enjoying it.

The most common burden around money is that people just aren’t clear about the picture and what they want to create.  Shifting your relationship to money requires a shift in who you are being about money.

How do you self sabotage or create stress around money?  Is it retail therapy? Closing your eyes and putting it on your credit card? Is it hoarding money until you have enough to relax, but relaxing never comes even when you reach your goal? Is it simply living in a constant state of fear that you will lose what you have?

The way out of your money problem is not adding more money.  It’s shifting your relationship from a dysfunctional and stressful one to a relationship that is clear and in service of you creating joy in your life. At StL Coaching, you can expect both a shift in your relationship with money and a clear plan to achieve your financial goals while creating JOY, first and foremost! Stop letting your bank account define your value.  It’s just paper!