At StL Coaching, we are committed to people having relationships that are a source of love, joy and connection. Romantic relationships are the path to¬†ultimate joy and fulfillment and can often be the source of torture, pain and pity. Single or already committed, we will partner with you to create your ideal relationship. Whether you’re on the verge of divorce or having trouble finding your ideal partner, we can support you in creating a dream relationship that is fulfilling and connected.

For Single People
Had your heart broken? Too busy for the relationship you want? Can’t seem to find any good men/women?
At StL Coaching, we believe you can take an active role in creating your ideal partner. We believe that finding an ideal partner is all about doing what it takes to open yourself up and about being willing to take action in line with what you want in a relationship, including hiring a coach.
Attracting your ideal partner is all about shifting your relationship with yourself from not good enough or unlovable to a hot commodity that is perfectly valued, in a relationship or not.
You already know the ways you sabotage relationships or protect yourself from getting too close. Vulnerability and partnership are required to create a relationship that is connected, fulfilling and fun.
We will support you in healing the past, removing your self protection barriers, defining your ideal partner and finally taking action to shift who you are being to attract your ideal partner.

For Married/Committed Partnership People

Yearning for the love and connection you felt on your wedding day? Are you suffering on the inside, while putting a half smiling face on the outside? Keeping yourself busy with work or taking care of the kids, instead of doing the work to be connected?
Relationships don’t have to be about suffering and disconnection. If you want to create connection, intimacy and romance in your relationship, you have to choose to do it and empower your choice by creating structure to support the relationship. All of this starts with open, honest, unprotected communication. Only in this space can you begin to heal the damage caused by disconnection, incompletion and upset feelings.
At StL Coaching our commitment is to give you the tools, structure and support to rebuild your relationship. We believe everyone deserves and has the possibility for creating a committed relationship that is fulfilling and joyful.
We can work with one or both people in the relationship. In our experience, working on your relationship begins with working on yourself, while creating a plan together to build the love and intimacy you desire.

Please, STOP settling for the status quo in your marriage or partnership. Joy and Connection are possible for you and much closer than it might seem. Take the first step, contact StL Coaching for a personal, complimentary conversation to uncover what’s possible in your relationship.