If you’re here for motivation, you are in the wrong place.   At STL Coaching, we are actually committed to giving you something beyond motivation, something that will make a once and for all difference in your life.  We are committed to empowering you and creating a structure so that you never again, have to rely on getting motivated to achieve success.

Motivation is a feeling, it comes and goes just like the weather.  Relying on motivation to achieve your goals in life would be like waiting to win the lottery to start enjoying your life.

So if its not motivation, what is it?

We say, Commitment.  Empower your Commitment. Take Action on your Commitment.

At StL Coaching, we will partner with you to identify what you are committed to in your life, help you create  goals in service of what you are committed to and create the structure to help you realize your dreams.

WARNING: Motivation is a side effect of this process.