Hi, I’m Rodney.

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I help leaders and spiritually minded people create lives they love. It took me years of chasing the next big achievement to finally realize that true fulfillment and satisfaction doesn't exist in achievements that we think will fix what's wrong with us. I work with my clients to help them live their life aligned with creating what they truly want in their life.   I’ve called myself a life coach, a spiritual leader, a leadership consultant, a spiritual guide, a human effectiveness expert, a career fulfillment coach, a business coach among others. I’ve never landed on one phrase that accurately describes my ...

Contact Me for a Free 2 Hour Personalized Workshop

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Not quite sure about what you're looking for? Contact me to schedule a free 2 hour personalized workshop. This highly rated workshop with Rodney will reconnect you to your greatness and co-create the next year of your life from an empowered place. Participants describe it as life changing. Send an email to to schedule your workshop.

The Four Pillars of Living a Fulfilling Life

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I believe that all people have one goal that is the source of all their ambitions and that is, quite simply, to lead a fulfilling life. I work with people to uncover what that is and help you focus in 4 areas that are the key to living a fulfilling life. The four pillars are: Career, Romantic Relationship, Self Expression and Well Being. Working with me will help you uncover exactly what's important to you in these areas and put you on a new path toward fulfilling what you truly desire. This is the real gift of my work and an ...

No More Soul Crushing Career

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I promise you CAN have a career that doesn't crush your soul. I will help you uncover a career path that inspires you like only your life purpose could. And, contrary to what you may be thinking, it doesn't have to be at the expense of financial success.     You were born with a purpose. A reason for existing on the planet; A gift that you are meant to provide in every encounter and in every relationship in your life. It is not something to find, rather it is something to uncover, for it exists within you right now, as it always has. ...