Sales Force Transformation

At StL Coaching, we have a passion for transforming sales forces and sales people.  Partnering with us and our Sales Force Transformation program will get your sales people the tools to become an elite force.  Just as elite military teams like the Navy SEALS get enhanced training to become the best, your sales force needs enhanced training to get out of their own way, build relationships that matter and generate the motivation to succeed regardless of the circumstances or obstacles in front of them.


Sales people are hired based on their ability to create relationships, build trust and be assertive in closing the sale.  Once their hired, most organizations spend no time on developing and building on the key skills and abilities that make successful sales people.  Instead, they spend all of their time, energy  and money training the sales force in delivering the perfect marketing message.  From this perspective, the organization assumes that if only we can create a perfect marketing message and get the sales force to deliver it perfectly that will translate to increased sales.  Here’s the thing, if you gave the perfect marketing message to a low energy, introverted tax accountant, it wouldn’t make any impact on the customer.  Develop and perfect their ability to be present with their customers and hold them accountable to a no excuses plan that they are enrolled in and your sales force will be unstoppable!

We assert that what makes the difference is who the sales person is being with their customer.  Successful sales people build partnership with their customers and authentically deliver solutions that meet the customer’s needs.  Spend some time and energy on developing this attribute in your sales force and you will have a tremendous competitive advantage.

Sales Force Transformation is comprehensive and can target all areas including transitioning sales managers to sales leaders, sales process assessment, marketing strategy and sales force aptitude.


Sales Force Transformation will:

  • Enable your sales people to have bold and authentic conversations with their customers
  • Cultivate a culture that is keenly focused on generating results
  • Help your sales team build authentic and effective relationships with their customers
  • Create a structured plan to meet sales goals that puts your people 100% At Cause for their success
  • Develop Leadership and Coaching skills in first line sales managers that makes a difference

At StL Coaching, we are so certain that we can deliver results with Sales Force Transformation that we will tie our compensation to your performance.  Stop accepting the excuses and start impacting your customers and your bottom line.