Being serial entrepreneurs ourselves, STL Coaching understands the unique attitude, challenges and stops experienced by entrepreneurs of all sizes.
Our work with entrepreneurs takes on several forms including breaking through stagnant growth, succession planning, workforce development and life and business integration.
Ultimately, our commitment is to support you in creating your business (and your life) in a way that works for you and that is fundamentally oriented to generate the results you want.

We see two consistent types of entrepreneurs that can benefit from partnering with StL Coaching.

Entrepreneur Type 1
The first type is the entrepreneur who is constantly overwhelmed, putting out one fire after another. This type is generally successful in managing the business, but often at the expense of personal relationships, personal well-being and true satisfaction in life. We say business is important, but without balance and true joy in your life, what’s the point? When you’re lying on your death bed, no one will care about how much money you made or how many hours you worked. What will matter to you and others, is the character of the life you have lived and whether you enJOYed your short time here on earth. That said, we already know entrepreneurs are unlikely to take on creating joy if it’s at the expense of profits, so we help you create both. Who says you can’t grow your business while spending more time doing the things you love? (hint: It’s You!)
StL Coaching will support you in identifying opportunities to reduce your workload while increasing profitability. In addition, we are a stand for you transforming your life and business to a path that is about creating success and abundance everywhere, not just in your business.

Entrepreneur Type 2
Type 2 is an entrepreneur who has managed to rapidly build a successful business and now needs support to take it to the next level. Taking it to the next level is about realizing your potential and providing long term financial security. In our experience, getting your company to the next level requires reinvention. Are you trying the same old strategies and not generating new growth? This is the classic sign that reinvention is what’s next. At StL Coaching our job is to support you in creating structured plan to generate the results you are seeking and get yourself out of your own way.