If You Can Learn English, You Can Accomplish Anything?

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Ever consider how amazing it is that you have mastered the English language.

In this post we look at what we can learn about creating success by using the same structure we used to learn our first language.

Seriously,think about the English language, with all its words, synonyms, homophones, slang and
obscurities. Truly, it’s amazing that we know what a xylophone is, that a horse neighs or
the various definitions of a widget. Look all around you and you know multiple words to
describe each object, emotion, event, etc.

It’s a miracle.

I was watching someone interpret sign language the other day and was just thinking what
a miracle it is that we have a language, the ability to string certain sounds together with
common agreement of what words are what, providing a vehicle for us to share those
mysterious thoughts and feelings.

What a miracle it is to have a language, but also to relatively easily master it without
concern as to whether or not you will be able to. You just do it, you just start speaking,
practicing everyday, without the slightest concern that you won’t be able to do it.

Why can we do this with language and almost nothing else? Is it because everyone else is
doing it, so we have lots of evidence that it’s possible? Is it because it’s that important,
that we will do it no matter what? Is it because we have a built in structure to practice
our craft every single day?

I’m sure its some combination of all of those, but I believe it holds the key to unlocking
how we master anything in life.

Imagine if you took on all of your dreams in life with absolute certainty that you would
master it, with evidence all around you that your dreams were possible, and with a
structure that supported you everyday in honing your craft. All of this with ease, a
knowing and a detachment from the results.

What would be possible from there?
The payoff for mastering your first language is bigger than any crappy story that attempts
to stop you. The payoff is the very basic human need to communicate feelings and be

The payoff for creating your dreams is just as big. The payoff is living a life of joy,
connection and love. The payoff is giving your gift to the world and living your purpose.

Do what it takes to get the evidence that your dream life is possible. Trust that every
human being is capable of and has all the tools they need to live their purpose. Create a
reliable structure that has you moving toward your dreams, every single day.

With this in place, you cannot fail, you cannot lose, you cannot miss the mark.

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