YES!!! Compliment Someone, Anyone!

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Well, I call this acknowledgement.  I love this video!  If you could give ME one gift this year, it would be to watch this video and go acknowledge one person, any person. A stranger, a friend, a parent, a child, a brother, a sister, boss, a co worker, a cousin, a neighbor, a grandparent.

Go Spread some love. It means the world to people.

For Extra Credit: Practice acknowledging people for who they ARE, not what they DO.

For example,

“Mom: I want to acknowledge you for being so kind, tender and loving. You’re unconditional love and example of non-judgment has made me the man I am today.  Thank you. I love you.”


“I think you did a good job at raising me. You are good at watching my dogs and helping me when I need help.”

Got It?  Okay GO!!!! Wooohooo!

SoulPancake: Listen Up!

We’re often so preoccupied that we don’t take the time to compliment the people around us. And yet, a few unexpected kind words have the power to change someone’s day. So SoulPancake set out to give people a fun way to give a compliment.

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