Why Buyer Interest has Nothing to Do with Sales Results

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SalesIn my work as a coach, I have to get hired all of the time. It’s kind of a sales job, but not really. I don’t sell coaching and the truth is, all of the sales jobs I’ve ever worked weren’t about slick selling from me or saying the perfect thing. Whether that was in selling 100 items in 5th grade to win a Nintendo, selling insulin to primary care physicians or helping people restructure debt.

It was really about creating a partnership with the human being that was in front of me and looking for opportunities to genuinely help them in some way with my product or service.

It was about them, not about me, my value or my performance. And definitely not about counting a sale.

So many times, I notice when we are selling something, we go out looking for people who are interested in our services. We get excited because they are interested and then try to get them to take action.

Consider that interest in buying something doesn’t mean anything. I’m interested in buying all kinds of things that I never buy.

What people really buy is the thing that they believe that product will provide. The degree to which they are present to what that product will provide plus the degree to which that matches their preference, equals the likelihood of them buying what you have to offer. This is powerful stuff. This is what makes great ad campaigns, successful companies and sales people. They are gifted at this. They don’t stop at interest. They don’t take to mean anything. Interest doesn’t make any difference.

Our job as a sales person, and we are all in sales in someway, is to focus on the other person’s needs and how our gifts or the gifts of our product or service can help that person. This is true for dating, job interviewing, making friends, etc. And the most effective sale is when your authentic self meets the needs of the other person’s authentic needs.

I challenge you to stop listening for interest in what you’re selling, and focus instead on being of service to the person in front of you. Focus instead on genuinely providing solutions for their problems, because you care about them and you believe in your product or service.

If you don’t believe in your product or service, please don’t take any of my advice. It’s so detrimental to you, to make yourself sell something you don’t believe in. That’s called a con, and we all have to pay for the con’s we make.

It’s easy to get excited because someone is interested in what you are offering, but they aren’t buying until they are fully enrolled, clear that your product or service will give them an experience that they authentically want.

The higher the price (or harder to buy), the more important this concept is to sales success.

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