What I Learned From Donald Trump

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On July 21st of this year, I was sitting in my hotel room at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida, up late preparing for a big presentation the following day. I remember the exact date, because it was the final night of the Republican National Convention and Donald Trump was giving his nomination acceptance speech.

I was giving an important presentation for my business and to an audience I genuinely cared about influencing. I was sharing some somewhat radical ideas about how to improve employee engagement and retention in a centuries old industry. It was straight from my heart and straight from the way I see the world and the people in it.

This wasn’t a standard presentation, this was more of a call to action. No hiding behind slides and data. Straight up storytelling and inviting people to see a problem (and the solution) in a completely different light.

Sitting there in my hotel room, rehearsing the opening story, I was nervous, I was scared people wouldn’t be receptive to the message, that they wouldn’t believe me.

As I was preparing, I got drawn in to the Donald Trump’s speech. Not because of the message. DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE OF THE MESSAGE. But, because of the way he unequivocally believed in what he was saying.

The mere act of trusting fully, the words coming out of your mouth, enhances the power and impact of your message.

What I learned from “The Donald,” was the importance of trusting yourself, your creative insight, your message. Like him or not, part of his genius is an unflappable belief in himself and his message.

It’s not natural for me to put blind faith in myself, nor is it natural to believe I am right, all the time. And, I don’t want to be that way.

But, when I step on that stage, or I’m talking about something I’m passionate about and I believe in, I sure as hell believe that what I have to offer is important.

The thing I got from Donald Trump, was how important it is to gift myself with 100% belief in myself and my message.

So, the next morning, I set the intention, that however the presentation went, I was going to gift myself with believing myself fully, standing in the power of my insight and my message.

And, I crushed it! I changed people’s conversations. I changed the way they were thinking about a major challenge in their industry.

As a leader, it’s so important to gift yourself the belief in yourself, in your value, in your insight, in your instincts.

And, if you’re reading this blog, chances are very high, that you don’t have to worry about being Narcissist. You’re open to input, but when it’s your time to shine, when you are needed, gift yourself trust and belief.

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