Top 3 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Success

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Imagine yourself living in a world where money, time and freedom weren’t an issue. You are living a life full of  love,Success happiness, wisdom and success. What does that look like to you? If you could go anywhere you wanted and whenever, where would you go? If you could you do anything you wanted, what would you do? Most importantly, who would you be? Now ask yourself, what’s in the way of having that?

For the majority of people, it’s a self-defense mechanism (mostly subconscious) we call self-sabotage. It’s a counterproductive act of human nature that we do in order to keep ourselves safe–to protect our ego, stay within our comfort zone and ultimately resist becoming who we potentially are. When we operate from that defense mode we wind up limiting and even restricting ourselves from receiving what we want– and then we wonder why we’re not motivated to do anything.

How do we stop this creature of habit from taking over? It starts with recognizing it. So today let’s look at the top three ways we sabotage our success and how you can overcome its’ resistance and start living from your best self forward.

1.) Our relationship to ourselves is broken. When we relate to ourselves as anything less than our highest and best self, we operate from a lower level of thinking and doing. We tend to listen to the little voice telling us what we should be doing rather than what we want and suddenly we feel a need for change, repent or to fill a hole in our life. This kind of thinking is perpetuating and it doesn’t deserve your attention. On the other hand, when we recognize the essence of our nature that is good, whole and always present, we can create–not react–to the experiences we want because we show up to the things we want. For example, if you want love, you generate the feeling of “love” by doing something out of love or simply recalling a time in your life when you felt love. Likewise, if you want peace, generate a peaceful feeling; if you want freedom, generate freedom. When you find ways to generate the feelings you want to feel you’re not only “giving” to yourself but you’re also giving to others at the same time because others often relate to the things we create–whether we want them to or not.

Relate to yourself from a higher perspective:

  • What shows up when you think about living from your purpose?
  • What qualities about you exist from this new level of being?
  • If you related to yourself as this going forward, what would be possible for your life?

2.) Setting goals that are safe and predictable. The second way we sabotage our success is by setting goals that are safe and predictable rather than exploring what’s possible. The people who are out there making a difference in this world manifest differently. They understand that whether it’s a new invention, change in career, an ideal relationship, health goal, money or any other personal transformation, the difference in having that or not lies in believing what’s possible. They look at more options. And it’s not about what you achieve but rather what it makes of you to achieve it. The goal, the vision, the dream, the desire–it’s all happens outside of what you know. Let the spirit move you.
Create from what’s possible:

  • If I were living from my best self, what’s possible for my life? For my career, health, money, family and friends, personal growth?
  • What would experiencing that do for me?
  • What will it make of me to achieve that?
  • What three things can I do this week to get me closer to achieving this goal?

3.) Taking care of yourself.  The third way we sabotage our own success is by the degree in which we take care of our mind, body and spirit. People who are successful at anything take care of themselves in a way that allows them to perform at their highest level. Pro athletes are sure to get enough sleep, have a balanced nutrition, stay hydrated and have a hobby that keeps them moving. Peak performers value their time and space and know the importance of mind/body integration. Jim Rohn once said, “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” and it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Taking small constructive actions on a regular basis can quickly give you a sense of accomplishment and lay the foundation for incredible change.

Set yourself up for success:

  • What action(s), if taken on a regular basis would make a dramatic difference for you in one year from now?
  • How could I make doing these things more fun

I won’t tell you that creating the life you love is an easy thing to do–if it was, everyone would be living well. But the ones who are genuinely living a great life are those who are living from their highest form of self,  explore what’s possible and take care of themselves in a way that also takes care of others.

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