The Who, Why, and What of Coaching

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First, I must say, that explaining coaching is a lot like trying to explain the experience of having a child, losing a parent or skydiving. If the most talented story teller in the world recounted every single detail of jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet, the observer would still have no clue as to how that experience would feel in their own life; the rush of the leap, the force of the wind, the freedom of flying, or the stillness of the sky as you glide back to earth. Explaining a skydive may give you an idea but it can never provide the value of actually experiencing it for yourself. Coaching is much the same way. That said, the following is an attempt at giving you an “idea” of The Who, The Why, and The What of Life Coaching.

The Who

So WHO is coaching for?

Coaching is for everyone. Well, anyone that sees a gap between where there life is currently and where they would like it to be. At first glance, many people would say, “Well, my life is fine,” or “I’m happy with what I have.” Many people compromise their dreams, one day at a time, by struggling through a job that’s “ok,” living unfulfilled in or out of a relationship, or continuously reacting to the next circumstance.

I’m here to tell you that every single person, DESERVES to be and have everything they want in life; And that it’s POSSIBLE! A professional coach can help you uncover what’s holding you back from realizing ALL of your Dreams, ALL of your Happiness, and ALL of your Purpose.

So who gets coaching? CEO’s, business owners, Moms, Dads, entrepreneurs, world leaders, sales people, therapists, and anyone else looking to shift their life from, Good to Great!

If you are already living all of your dreams, basking in joy and happiness, and living your purpose… then you don’t need a coach. If you aren’t, contact me today for a free sample coaching session to experience the power of ontological coaching.

The Why

Why do I need coaching?

First, we say that no one needs coaching. Coaching helps people get “unstuck” and holds the client as his or her greatness so that they can go about creating the life of their dreams with speed, velocity and power. Coaching is a partnership designed to have the client create and live their life on purpose.

Why do elite athletes have coaches? Not because something is wrong, rather, an elite athlete knows that hiring a coach to support them and hold them to their greatness will help them create previously impossible results.

Here’s another way to look at why you might enlist the support of a coach. Do you have even one project or goal in life that you can’t seem to get traction with or move forward in your life? If there is a project or goal that you have been unsuccessful in moving forward by yourself, a coach can support you in finally making those elusive goals, dreams or projects a reality. And, when you are living a life of purpose and fulfilled dreams, joy and happiness is sure to follow. Isn’t that what Life is all about, Joy and Happiness?

The What

What does coaching look like?

Coaching can take on many different formats, all intended to support the client in getting exactly what they want from the coaching relationship.

Generally, a coach will meet in person or via phone for one hour, four times per month. During the coaching session, the coach supports the client in identifying what is in the way of producing the client’s intended results.

Coaching ultimately is intended to produce results in the clients life that the client says he/she wants. Therefore, the foundation of any coaching relationship generally begins with creating projects or goals in service of creating the client’s dream life.

“If you had a magic wand, What would your life look like one year from now? More joy, love, money, connection, vacation?

As one would expect, circumstance, road blocks, and “problems” show up in the face of creating your dream life and stretching beyond your comfort zone. As coach, I support the client to become aware of what’s in the way and where they are choosing from, so they can powerfully choose what’s next in service of their commitments and projects. This collaborative partnership and stand for the client’s greatness, results in moving the client toward the life they say they want.

In addition to powerful questioning, foundational support and honest reflection, the coach has an arsenal of tools and distinctions to support the client in self-discovery, creating structure and managing resources.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Contact me today for a free, no obligation, sample coaching session.

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