The Three Phases of a Great Life

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My daughter, Gabriella Mary Ann, was born October 2nd, 2016. I turn 35 on October 23rd, 2016.

I’m entering that middle phase of my life. The part of life where my potential is now. The part of life where it’s truly my turn. I am in that sweet, yet somewhat pressured spot, where I’m about to live my life.

It’s the time where the real action of my career is going to happen. The gift for me is knowing that it’s game time. It’s time for me to actualize all that I’ve accumulated, learned and absorbed in the first phase of my life.

I think there are three phases of a great life and it’s really important to know which phase you are in, so you can make the most of it, the most of who you are and what you are here for.

I’m in the second phase, I’d call it the execution phase which starts somewhere after the first quarter of your life, say 28-40. The first phase is the learning and growing phase, starting with birth and ending between 28-40, which prepares you step into the execution phase. The third phase is about wisdom, sharing it, spreading it and enjoying the things that really matter, thanks to your wisdom.

I love this framework for life, because it allows us the opportunity to settle into the natural rhythms of the human experience:


Could also be coined:


I encourage you to allow yourself to embrace the phase that you are in. For years, while I was in my learning phase, I was always anxious that I wasn’t doing enough, hadn’t accomplished enough. So much so, that I didn’t get to enjoy the learning phase.

As I step into the execution phase, it’s a huge gift to know, NOW IS THE TIME. The future is NOW. My potential is NOW

When it’s time to step into the wisdom phase, I pray that I will let myself and the things I have done be enough, so that I can work to share that wisdom with others, delight in the precious life I’ve created and allow love to be the ruler of my days.



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