The Power of Intention

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If I could distill my life’s work into a single concept, it would be all about the power of intention. Intention and the abilityGhandi to communicate from your intention, is the most important quality that successful people have in common. And when I say “successful” people, I include all definitions of success, meaning people who have successful friendships, romantic relationships, businesses, social movements and enduring legacies. In fact, this is also the source of great power and influence. Find a successful person and you will find someone who has honed their ability to speak and act in a way that is perfectly aligned with their intention.

The easiest way to demonstrate the power of intention is by using some simple examples from everyday life. My intention is for you to see that there is more power, influence and impact when we honor our intention.

A common example for me, is when I want to acknowledge or celebrate my wife, to let her know how much I love her. My first instinct is to buy her flowers or take her to a nice dinner. Like most men, I sometimes neglect to share with her and communicate the larger intention I have in buying her flowers or taking her to dinner. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys getting flowers and being taken to dinner, but when I don’t communicate my deeper intention, it loses a lot of power and impact.

You see, my intention is to communicate to her how special she is to me, how much I love and celebrate her, the difference she makes in my life. From there, I decide to do something in service of communicating this to her like buying flowers or taking her to dinner.

Imagine how much more impactful and touched she would be if I followed my actions with these words: “Tasha, I want you to know that I love you very much and I’m so grateful for all that you are for me. I’d like to take you to dinner to spend some time connecting with you and celebrating us.”

Whoa!!! Those simple words, that are aligned with my intention carry so much more power and impact.

Similarly, if you are a manager, executive or business owner who wants to communicate to your team how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication, you want to consider following your actions with words that are aligned with your intention. If you’re like most leaders, you try to come up with some sort of reward, maybe a financial bonus, a gift card, a team outing, etc. If you’re even better, you might even say “Thank you for your hard work.”

Both methods are great, but they are only a tenth of the possible difference you could make with your team. Imagine if you communicated to your team vulnerably how much they mean to you and the organization. You might say something like this: “Team, I am touched by the commitment you bring to this organization every day. I am honored and humbled by your contributions, your brilliance and your dedication to the company and to each other. In service of acknowledging the extraordinary team that you are, I’d like to host a celebratory happy hour.”

Leaders who cultivate the ability to speak powerfully from their deeper intention have the ability to galvanize teams, organizations and countries. Whole movements gained power because they had leaders who honed this ability.

It’s important to note that to have impact in your speaking, it must be authentic. I’m not suggesting you speak fake appreciation to people in service of more effective teams. I’m suggesting you add power by more closely honoring your deeper intention with what you say and the actions you take.

Ghandi said the definition of integrity is “intention, aligned with your speaking, aligned with your action.”
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