The Apple Experience

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The Apple Experience


When you’re selling a service, you must focus on what the prospect or client’s benefit is for working with or talking to you.


I hear this so often.  Would you like to set an appointment with me to talk about my business?  Let me have some of your time and I promise you will like what you see.


NOOOO!  Nobody wants an appointment, especially not one where there’s a high probability that they are going to be subject to an excruciating sales pitch.


People spend time and money when they see value in it for themselves. Your job is to always be standing in your client’s shoes.  What would have them see possibility for their life or value for their life, so much so that they would take time to meet with me, listen to what I have to offer and ultimately buy something they don’t “need.”


My favorite model of doing business this way is Apple Inc.  Apple doesn’t beg people to do anything, Apple doesn’t sell computers or music players, Apple demonstrates the value of its products FOR their customers over and over again.  Everything Apple does is about creating a more enjoyable experience for their customers.  Customers see themselves and their lives being enriched by what Apple has to offer and they buy over and over and over again.


From the product itself, to the value oriented commercial, that’s all about the consumer, Apple exudes their value in everything they do.  Apple doesn’t waste time annoying people with telling them about their value, they simple be their value.


What are three things you can change about how you present you and your business to shift from a sneaky sales model to a value added consumer experience?


Now go do it!


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