StL Coaching Featured in St Louis Post Dispatch and Yahoo News!

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Saint Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) November 08, 2011

Rodney Mueller doesn’t spend a lot of time yelling these days, but he’s changing lives as much as he ever was. In September, Mueller re-launched the website for his STL Coaching business, highlighting his renewed commitment to helping his clients create a structure and discipline to succeed. The new website is packed with information for clients seeking help with their careers, their weight, their relationships, and their work/life balance.

Mueller’s military experience taught him that hard work leads to success, and in his 13 year career with the Army reserves, he’s seen a lot of both. He earned five promotions in his first four years in the reserves, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant by the age of 21. He was mobilized as a team leader at Fort Polk, with his platoon certified as the first joint biological point detection platoon. By 25 he was a Drill Sergeant, and in 2009 he was called up for a year of active duty to serve as Senior Drill Sergeant at Fort Knox. While there, his platoon twice won Honor Platoon, the highest award given during Basic Training.

As a coach, Mueller’s style is a long way from the red-faced screaming that is the popular conception of Drill Sergeants. Instead, he is affable and enthusiastic, and entirely committed to helping his clients become “unscared enough to own their own success.” His clients work on “projects” in their lives, learning to make empowered choices and to shift their lives toward unlimited joy. Throughout the process, Mueller is with them, helping them to become the people they want to be.

At the heart of Mueller’s methods is the idea of transformation. He describes his clients as “whole, active, powerful people who see a gap in their lives and want to change it.” Whether he’s working with a client one-on-one or training an entire sales team, Mueller helps people to stop self-sabotaging and start believing in their own greatness. In business coaching, just like in basic training, people come to him to learn that they can – they can run a marathon, they can find love, they can create a career that fulfills and rewards them.

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