Scooters and Life Coaches

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On an unseasonably warm day in February, I went out for a short scooter ride around my neighborhood. Yeah, i said scooter! Don’t judge me, it’s actually really cool.  Avocado green, all metal, 60’s looking, manual transmission 150cc Vespa.  Think Volkswagen Party Bus meets scooter.  Ok, fine, I may be a dork, but my wife and I have a blast riding it, thinking we are hippies in Italy, and that’s all that matters.
As I was riding home from the grocery store, swordfish steak in tow for the grill, I noticed a huge tower in our neighborhood that I had never seen before.  Not once, in the 1000 plus times I’ve driven past it had I seen this enormous tower.
That experience inspired this post.  For those of you that don’t quite understand why in the heck anyone would need a life coach, especially why YOU would need a life coach.This article and that experience is about that.
Life is funny, in the way that most of us go through it not noticing very obvious things, even things that are right in front of our face. I had driven my car past that tower 1000’s of times, but the roof of the car and small windows on my Volvo, limited my ability to see this massive tower.
So what does all that have to do with life coaching?  Well everything! It’s the very thing that a great coach can support you in. Helping you see (or become aware) of what you aren’t seeing in your life.

When you are aware, you have a choice.

When you have a choice, you have freedom.

Freedom to be and live the best version of your life.

Still stuck? Want some real world examples? Do you ever notice that whatever you do is not good enough? Ever beat yourself up for saying Or doing something you would easily forgive others for and not yourself?  Do you ever have the experience of not being good enough compared to other people, and, or needing to prove that you are by trying to be someone you aren’t?

I’m sure you said yes to at least one of those, if you were being honest. 🙂
However, what’s the gift of being aware of these thoughts? And of being aware that these thoughts come from a less kind, less gentle, less loving part of you and that these thoughts are not the truth, merely nasty interpretations that are lurking in all of us.YES, ALL OF US!

From the greatest leaders in history, to the most holy beings, to the couple next door who appear to have it all, rich, skinny, nice cars and new house.
The bummer about these thoughts is that left unchecked or unseen, we are enslaved to these nasty judgments and are forced to play the “unwinnable” game of trying to keep those thoughts away, by staying busy, buying new things, working non stop or maintaining some level of drama inside or outside of ourselves.
This is exhausting, frustrating, stressful, joyless, disconnected and depressing.
A coach helps you become aware, see the things you can’t see.  They are actually trained to help you step outside of the car you’ve been driving your whole life.  You get to look all around, see what’s there and choose where you want to go and what experience you want to have. All of this in a loving, reflective, non-judgmental space.
This is how transformation occurs.  I know this because I have had this experience in my own life and I know you can too.  The life of your dreams is possible.  Consider, if you think that’s a pie-in-the-sky, airy-fairy ideal, you may need to get supported in stepping outside of the car you are driving.  Even it means cruising around on a scooter.

Your life is worth it.

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