Leadership… From the Army’s Perspective

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The Army has a manual on Leadership called Leadership, Field Manual 22-100. The subtitle and foundation of its doctrine is “Be, Know, Do” in that order.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, the art of empowering and encouraging leadership is the norm in the military and I would argue is the single most important contributor to the success of the U.S. military over the last 150 years.

Foundational to the phrase: “Be, Know, Do” is the concept that Leadership starts with Being. Even if you know and do the job better than anyone else, you won’t make a bit of difference without the “Be-ing” of a leader. Being a leader means: being the example, being authentic, being human, being responsible, being accountable, being trustworthy, being reliable, being fair.

Some say, leaders are born and therefore can’t be created through training… It’s not that leadership can’t be trained; it’s just that leaders require the right training. It’s the work on the inside that allows them to stand in their authentic power.

Leadership is not a checklist of doing the right things. Leaders without the “Be-ing” of a leader will not be effective regardless of their “Know-ledge” or “Do-ing.”

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