How to land on the right side of history

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I was watching a show on ABC tonight called “What Would You Do?” Maybe you’ve seen it, a show where the producers set up certain social experiments that depict people doing distasteful things such as bullying another or blatantly discriminating against others based on age, gender, race or sexual orientation. Through the eyes of hidden cameras, the show then looks at what observers and bystanders do or not do. For me the show is both disheartening and moving, in that some people ignore these disgusting episodes while others stand up for the targeted victim, displaying the finest qualities of what it means to be human.

I’ve also been paying close attention to the not so recent national debate going on regarding whether or not the United States should allow gays to openly serve in the military. Being a member of the armed forces, I can understand a few of the concerns or hesitations of those opposing lifting the ban on gays in the military. Mainly the concerns on how to effectively implement the new policy to include simple boundaries that the military currently has in place to create privacy between men and women (i.e.- individual showers, separate sleeping quarters, etc.) The military takes all forms of sexual harassment and discrimination very seriously in order to ensure that our military has the cohesiveness and morale to operate effectively under the stress of war. Unlike any other organization in the world, the military requires special attention due to the nature of the business, fighting wars. That said, the current policy of forcing people to hide who they are is barbaric, discriminatory and completely against the values of our military, the United States and of mankind. The policy will change soon and I’m excited to see our nation’s military set an example in tolerance and compassion for our citizens and the world.

Both of these topics had me thinking: What can you, me, and our nation’s leaders learn from these examples about how to land on the right side of history? As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20.” The point is, how do we see 20/20 in the present moment, so that we don’t regret our actions and beliefs in the future. We don’t need to look outside of our own country to see a shameful past, full of regret, to include the mortifying treatment of African Americans, Native Americans, AIDS victims, women and now homosexuals, to name a few.

I assert that the way to “Land on the Right Side of History” is to always lean on the side of compassion and love. When I look back on the atrocities committed by humans, to other humans over years, I can’t help but conclude that these people were sleeping, asleep to the beat of their own heart. I too, have been asleep to compassion and tolerance as a young man, having held opinions that were absent love and full of fear and ignorance. I believe that every human is born with an inner guidance that is in tune with the universal laws and principles of the world. This inner guidance is always available and all-knowing. I believe that this inner guidance or intuition is our access to God, Spirit, Allah or whatever you choose to label it. This access to God gives each person the ability to distinguish between love and fear, Good and Evil. Unfortunately, throughout history, both collectively and individually, we humans have not always listened to the ever present guidance of our spirit that leads us to love and tolerance.

To “Land on the Right Side of History,” and more importantly to live a life full of joy, we must always make choices standing in love and tolerance. While many people suggest our world is heading down the wrong path, I assert that each year, our world moves closer and closer to the beat of our collective heart, closer and closer to the vibrance of Love and Compassion, closer and closer to a higher path, in sync with the Godly wisdom inside all of us. After all, we can’t get much worse then Slavery, the Holocaust, or Nuclear weapons.

Please notice this holiday season the opinions you hold so strongly that you refuse to waiver, the opinions that make other people wrong or less than you. While you may feel comfortable and righteous in your beliefs, You and I know. that this only causes you and others pain and misery.

Stand in and be with Love and Compassion for yourself, for your neighbor and for the world; for Love will always win, Love will always “Land on the Right Side of History.”

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