Hello, My Friend’s Name is Scott

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 So I am lucky enough to call myself friends with this fascinating character, speaker, author and joy infuser named Scott Ginsberg.


Lately, I’ve been noticing the importance of having a structure in your life that is bigger and more powerful than the crappy story that’s on re-run in our heads. For many of us that nagging voice will stop us from our tamest; and wildest dreams. You know, it’s the voice that says: “you aren’t ready yet,” “you aren’t good enough yet,” ” you don’t have enough experience,” ” you don’t deserve that.”  Yeah, that one!

Well, my friend Scott is an example of a guy that doesn’t let that voice stop him. In fact, he seems so unstoppable by that voice, that I often wonder if he has one.  I wonder that about Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama as well, then I remember that each of these folks, including Scott, are still human beings, which means even they have a negative voice in their head.

Scott has created a wildly successful career as a writer, speaker and coach all around  a rather simple concept, Approachability.  And, unlike most folks in this field, he launched into this business right after college.  So who is this young punk out of college (10 years ago) to think he can educate and influence top business and academic minds around the world?

For one, he’s a guy who listens through his fears to uncover his passion. He is also a guy who does whatever it takes to not get stopped by the “Debbie Downer” voice inside his head.

I’d love to tell you that Scott did this by simply tuning out that voice or reading an article like this that gave the awareness to fix his “problem.”

Wouldn’t your negative voice love to hear that Scott simply got lucky, or it was because of his parents or that Scott was given a genie in a bottle?

Well, the true story is that Scott has created extraordinary structures that bankrupt his internal critic. Being the authority on approachability, Scott has worn a Nametag everyday for over 10 years.  Some might call this a gimmick, but consider it actually represents his level of commitment.   Wearing a name tag is a built in structure that reminds Scott of his purpose everyday and that bankrupts his crappy story. Other structures Scott puts in place include regular yoga, swimming, reading, and a vegetarian diet.  Each of these structures are in service of his commitment.

What would you be willing to do every single day for 10 years in service of your dreams?

I promise, if you start putting in the structures to bankrupt your crappy stories, there will be no stopping you!





Here’s a list of possible structures:

Read Scott’s daily blog at http://www.hellomynameisblog.com/

Visit the Massage Therapist and Chiropractor once per month

Sign up for Automatic Savings/Bill Pay

Create support calls with friends or mentors that reflect your greatness

Schedule regular time for fun and relaxation

Build a Mediation and yoga practice

Get coaching/mentoring once per week

Heal with therapy once per week

Schedule undivided attention with your family once a day

Get personal training twice a week


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