Cutting the Cord

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On October 2nd of this year, at about 3:57 am, I cut the umbilical cord physically connecting my daughter Gabriella, to my wife, Tasha.

The umbilical cord is the vessel that binds mother and child, providing all things needed for survival, nourishment and development in the womb.

When I first thought about cutting the cord, I was a little apprehensive. I mean, do I want to be the person that takes that away from my new daughter, and have her first experience of me being the guy that takes away the thing that provides survival, nourishment and development?

As I thought about that moment, I realized that it was completely appropriate to be that guy. I’m promising to be this little one’s father and in that I’m the one to provide for her that which the umbilical cord provided in utero.

In that joyous moment of her birth, I said to her, “Gabby, I’ve got you now.” Which for me meant, promising to her that I would be there for her survival, her nourishment and her development.

So how does this apply to business leaders? If you’re living on your edge as a leader, you’re going to be taking risks. In fact, your success is limited or expanded by the size of the risk you are willing to take.

So many of us, me included, get stuck in creating what’s next by resisting cutting the proverbial “business cord.”

That cord which represents some form of safety, comfort or survival, could be letting go of a business sector that brings in cash, but is limiting possibility in a higher ceiling business sector. That cord could be, being debt free; cutting the cord would allow you step out of safety and into possibility, trusting that you got you. That cord could be letting go of that job you are using to bring in cash while you build your business.

The hard part about being a business leader, is that we have to cut the cord for ourselves. We have to let ourselves know, “I got you now. I will be there for your survival, development and nourishment.”

It’s about trusting yourself and betting on yourself, not letting your fears and discomfort keep you attached to a cord that no longer serves you.

And, know this, the longer you keep yourself attached to a cord that you no longer need, you are risking the survival of the more important venture.

So, what cords are there for you to cut today?



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