Blogging Everyday, Part 2

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Isn’t the second day always the hardest? Maybe it’s not the second day, but you know that time, just after you start something, right after the newness and excitement wears off. Just when people stop noticing, stop commenting on it. It’s that point when nobody will notice if you stop.

I find myself thinking… I don’t know what to write today. And, that’s where so many of us stop in our pursuit of our own greatness.

We hide behind, “I don’t know,” when what we are really doing is hiding our creativity, hiding our heart, keeping ourselves from being vulnerable, from setting out on a path, not knowing how it’s going to turn out.

What we call, “I don’t know,” is actually, “I’m scared that I’m not good enough.”

I swear, your main job as a leader is to constantly presence yourself and others to one’s own greatness. When we are present to who we truly are and the infinite possibility that lives inside of each of us, we will not tolerate getting stopped at “I don’t know.”

When you practice believing¬†in yourself, “I don’t know,” becomes nothing more than a thought on the way to expressing your greatness.

Don’t stop at “I don’t know” and don’t buy into other people telling you they don’t know.

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