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Why Buyer Interest has Nothing to Do with Sales Results

June 16, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   Blog   |   0 Comment»

In my work as a coach, I have to get hired all of the time. It's kind of a sales job, but not really. I don't sell coaching and the truth is, all of the sales jobs I've ever worked weren't about slick selling from me or saying the perfect thing. Whether that was in selling 100 items in 5th grade to win a Nintendo, selling insulin to primary care physicians or helping people restructure debt. It was really about creating a partnership with the human being that was in front of me and looking ...

3 Steps for Kicking Holiday Overwhelm in The Face

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With just about one week left of 2015, most of us are rushing around finishing last minute holiday shopping, making plans to be at this party and that party, or scurrying to make preparations to host family and friends. Some people say it's a wonderful season and while that may be true, I'm often more present to how overwhelming it can be for me and other people. The prevailing experience that I come to at this time of year is overwhelm. That's a word we often use, but let's define that experience. The dictionary ...

Radio Interview with Pete Saunders on Absent Father Issues

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I sat down with Pete Saunders, host of Braveheart Radio and a fellow fatherless son on August 13thto discuss Father Absence issues. In the interview, I share some of  my personal story and how I have worked to overcome the impacts of growing up with an absent father. We also discuss what defines an absent father, the top 3 impacts of growing up with an absent father and some steps to take if you are dealing with some of those impacts. I hope this helps you or someone you know. Click the link below to access ...

Why Achieving More Won’t Always Make You Happy

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In 1990, at age 11, I sold 106 items in a school fundraiser to win a Super Nintendo. In 1998, at age 17, I joined the Army, at 19, I had been promoted 4 times and by 21 I became one of the youngest in the entire United States Army to be promoted to the rank of E6, Staff Sergeant. Less than four years later, I became one of the youngest drill sergeants in the Army and innovated training methods that one prestigious awards. Between the ages of 18-27, I ran nine 26.2 mile ...

Find Your Stoke In Life

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  Many of you have seen me posting cool surfing videos on my facebook page. A year ago I moved to San Francisco and started surfing. I had always wanted to be a surfer. Something about the waves, and the board and the culture had always called me to surfing. Here's one in case you haven't seen them from July 18, 2015 in San Francisco. This post is about finding your stoke in life. The thing that you want so bad you would do anything to get it. Yes, you do have one. Your stoke exists inside of you and it's the ...

Hi, I’m Rodney.

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I help leaders and spiritually minded people create lives they love. It took me years of chasing the next big achievement to finally realize that true fulfillment and satisfaction doesn't exist in achievements that we think will fix what's wrong with us. I work with my clients to help them live their life aligned with creating what they truly want in their life.   I’ve called myself a life coach, a spiritual leader, a leadership consultant, a spiritual guide, a human effectiveness expert, a career fulfillment coach, a business coach among others. I’ve never landed on one phrase that accurately describes my ...

Contact Me for a Free 2 Hour Personalized Workshop

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Not quite sure about what you're looking for? Contact me to schedule a free 2 hour personalized workshop. This highly rated workshop with Rodney will reconnect you to your greatness and co-create the next year of your life from an empowered place. Participants describe it as life changing. Send an email to to schedule your workshop.

The Four Pillars of Living a Fulfilling Life

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I believe that all people have one goal that is the source of all their ambitions and that is, quite simply, to lead a fulfilling life. I work with people to uncover what that is and help you focus in 4 areas that are the key to living a fulfilling life. The four pillars are: Career, Romantic Relationship, Self Expression and Well Being. Working with me will help you uncover exactly what's important to you in these areas and put you on a new path toward fulfilling what you truly desire. This is the real gift of my work and an ...

3 Tips To Maximize Time and Profits for Small Business Owners

December 12, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Blog   |   0 Comment»

There are two things that most all of my clients who are entrepreneurs would say they want more of, more TIME and more PROFITS.   As a coach and leadership consultant, my job is to help identify the patterns and behaviors that get in the way of their effectiveness in achieving the goals they want. Money and time are two of the most important resources that a business owner can leverage to achieve their goals.   I’m going to share 3 tips that will help you more effectively leverage your time and money to ...

Ferguson Isn’t About Ferguson

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Every generation has its moment, its cause, and its contribution to progress that defined its generation. These movements have always been rooted in advancing the cause of love and this generation’s cause is no different in that regard. It is however different in the sense that it requires us to look deeper into the root of today’s injustices. It requires us to deeply understand the issues of our time and to refrain from conversations about who is right and who is wrong. Our generation’s movement calls us to ask the question: “What needs to be ...