The Happy 100

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We are always looking for definition of happiness. Looks like the answer is love. See what these people have to say about happiness. Soul Pancake interviews a person from each decade in age to find out the secret to being happy.

YES!!! Compliment Someone, Anyone!

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Well, I call this acknowledgement.  I love this video!  If you could give ME one gift this year, it would be to watch this video and go acknowledge one person, any person. A stranger, a friend, a parent, a child, a brother, a sister, boss, a co worker, a cousin, a neighbor, a grandparent. Go Spread some love. It means the world to people. For Extra Credit: Practice acknowledging people for who they ARE, not what they DO. For example, "Mom: I want to acknowledge you for being so kind, tender and loving. You're unconditional love and example of non-judgment has made me the ...

Randy Pausch, Author of Last Lecture…

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I love this short clip from Randy Pausch.  Knowing he has months to live, suffering from Pancreatic Cancer, he chooses to live his last days filled with joy, serving others and enjoying and loving his family. What Oprah Learned from Randy Pausch's Last Lecture In October 2007, professor Randy Pausch, a devoted husband and father who was fighting pancreatic cancer, shared his famous last lecture on The Oprah Show. Look back at his inspiring talk and find out what Randy taught Oprah about facing mortality and living every moment like it's your last.

Scooters and Life Coaches

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On an unseasonably warm day in February, I went out for a short scooter ride around my neighborhood. Yeah, i said scooter! Don't judge me, it's actually really cool.  Avocado green, all metal, 60's looking, manual transmission 150cc Vespa.  Think Volkswagen Party Bus meets scooter.  Ok, fine, I may be a dork, but my wife and I have a blast riding it, thinking we are hippies in Italy, and that's all that matters. As I was riding home from the grocery store, swordfish steak in tow for the grill, I noticed a huge tower in our neighborhood that I had never ...

The Best of Man, at Funerals…

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What are the qualities of a 21st Century Man? What are the qualities of a man, in their highest and greatest? Who do women need men to be, for them to be connected and fulfilled in relationship? What does connection really look like in marriage and how can men be responsible for generating it?   These are a few of the questions that strike me as critical in fulfilling on my intention for men to be their best and most fulfilled.   A few weeks ago, my wife lost her beloved grandfather, a true patriarch, a kind hearted, gentle provider.  The love for this man was evidenced ...

StL Coaching Featured in St Louis Post Dispatch and Yahoo News!

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Saint Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) November 08, 2011 Rodney Mueller doesn't spend a lot of time yelling these days, but he's changing lives as much as he ever was. In September, Mueller re-launched the website for his STL Coaching business, highlighting his renewed commitment to helping his clients create a structure and discipline to succeed. The new website is packed with information for clients seeking help with their careers, their weight, their relationships, and their work/life balance. Mueller's military experience taught him that hard work leads to success, and in his 13 year career with the Army reserves, he's seen a lot of ...

Getting ‘unstuck’: Does your life need a coach?

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This is a great article featured on by A. Pawlowski "Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?" It's one of those questions many job-seekers dread during an interview, but it can be daunting to answer on a personal level as well. Amid all your responsibilities, activities and projects, it's sometimes hard to see the big picture and easy to become overwhelmed or feel like you're lacking direction. That's where a life coach can come in. "If you are frustrated with an aspect of your life, not sure how to stop making the ...

Leaves, Miracles and Marriage

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I was out for a 3-mile jog the other day in a park near my house.  It was a mild fall evening and once I got out to run, I realized I really didn’t feel like running.  I started and stopped then started again and finally kept on running. I took a route that I don’t normally take because I wanted to do something different. As I was trotting along, looking down and straight ahead at the path in front of me, a miracle happened to me.  At the precise up swing of my arm and hand, a leaf, falling from ...

Check out this great article on Life Coaching

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Put Me in, Coach More and more players in the game of life are getting advice from the sidelines. by Sarah Achenbach When Pat was laid off from her editing job last summer, she knew she needed guidance in planning her next step, but the traditional avenues of assistance didn’t interest her. “I’d already read plenty of books and attended seminars,” explains Pat*, a 43-year-old Falls Church, Va., woman. “I felt I knew what I wanted and I knew how to get there. I was just being lazy and had too many excuses.” So she turned to a life coach. Pat’s not alone. ...

If You Can Learn English, You Can Accomplish Anything?

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Ever consider how amazing it is that you have mastered the English language. In this post we look at what we can learn about creating success by using the same structure we used to learn our first language. Seriously,think about the English language, with all its words, synonyms, homophones, slang and obscurities. Truly, it’s amazing that we know what a xylophone is, that a horse neighs or the various definitions of a widget. Look all around you and you know multiple words to describe each object, emotion, event, etc. It’s a miracle. I was watching someone interpret sign language the other day and was just thinking what a ...

Hello, My Friend’s Name is Scott

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 So I am lucky enough to call myself friends with this fascinating character, speaker, author and joy infuser named Scott Ginsberg.   Lately, I've been noticing the importance of having a structure in your life that is bigger and more powerful than the crappy story that's on re-run in our heads. For many of us that nagging voice will stop us from our tamest; and wildest dreams. You know, it's the voice that says: "you aren't ready yet," "you aren't good enough yet," " you don't have enough experience," " you don't deserve ...

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt Shares his view on Coaching

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Be Great, Like Mike

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Cool short clip narrated by the Man,  Michael Jordan. Little known fact: Michael Jordan was cut from his High School basketball team as a sophomore.  Most people would say he is lucky, I say he found his purpose and put every ounce of his energy into it.   Enjoy  

The Apple Experience

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The Apple Experience   When you’re selling a service, you must focus on what the prospect or client’s benefit is for working with or talking to you.   I hear this so often.  Would you like to set an appointment with me to talk about my business?  Let me have some of your time and I promise you will like what you see.   NOOOO!  Nobody wants an appointment, especially not one where there’s a high probability that they are going to be subject to an excruciating sales pitch.   People spend time and money when they ...

You Go, LOVE Yourself, Girl!

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I saw a study today that showed 40% of men would dump their spouse or partner if they gained significant weight.  I know, I know, your first thought as a woman is: “Yep, more evidence that men are just ego maniacal pigs.”  Now I’m not saying that men aren’t ego maniacal pigs, but men leaving their women or losing interest in someone who gains “significant weight” is about a whole lot more than just a woman’s physical appearance and male libido. Skinny, or a few pounds overweight, most women’s external appearance is a reflection of what’s going on inside.  Gaining a ...

We Stand for Excellence in Coaching

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Our coaches are among the most well-trained, well-rounded people in the industry. We bring real world experience, a fervor for learning and integrity to our work.

How to land on the right side of history

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I was watching a show on ABC tonight called “What Would You Do?” Maybe you’ve seen it, a show where the producers set up certain social experiments that depict people doing distasteful things such as bullying another or blatantly discriminating against others based on age, gender, race or sexual orientation. Through the eyes of hidden cameras, the show then looks at what observers and bystanders do or not do. For me the show is both disheartening and moving, in that some people ignore these disgusting episodes while others stand up for the targeted victim, displaying the finest qualities of what ...

The Who, Why, and What of Coaching

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First, I must say, that explaining coaching is a lot like trying to explain the experience of having a child, losing a parent or skydiving. If the most talented story teller in the world recounted every single detail of jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet, the observer would still have no clue as to how that experience would feel in their own life; the rush of the leap, the force of the wind, the freedom of flying, or the stillness of the sky as you glide back to earth. Explaining a skydive may give you an idea but ...