About Rodney

RodneyHi, I’m Rodney Mueller and I’m so happy to be in this conversation with you. I’m an executive coach, business advisor, husband and a new dad. I live in San Francisco, California, but my home will always be Saint Louis, Missouri.

Since I can remember I have been obsessed with leadership and the impact great leaders, and not so great leaders, have on the people they touch. I remember my mom, who was a government secretary at Scott Air Force Base where I grew up, coming home from a tough day at work where she had been given a new manager who wasn’t such a great leader. I remember the heaviness and the impact of my mom feeling like she had to work for someone who didn’t see her greatness fully, who didn’t treat her like a human being.

At age 17, I joined the U.S. Army, by age 21, I was promoted to E-6 Staff Sergeant, one of the youngest to attain that rank in the army, and by 25 I was an Army Drill Sergeant. That’s where I first learned and experienced what it is to be a true leader. The responsibility of being an Army Drill Sergeant was one of the greatest honors of my life. As an Army Drill Sergeant, I was responsible for transforming young men from civilian to soldier in just 10 weeks. For me, that role was about helping people actualize their very best self, regardless of any self-limiting beliefs or obstacles and inspiring these soldiers to become grounded in a common purpose that was bigger than any individual source. I learned the foundation for what it means to lead by example, to lead with integrity and to be “ungettable.”

Rodney's Platoon

That’s me in front row in the middle with the “Brown Round” hat in front of my platoon in Fort Knox, Kentucky in 2009.

While I was serving in the Army Reserves and between active duty stints, I was also finding my way in the civilian world. I got my undergraduate degree in business and later an MBA all with my eyes on ascending to higher echelons of business leadership. I was so eager to translate my education and experience into big promotions and leaps in responsibility. I wanted to be the guy that people look to, the executive leads with power, vision and purpose.

All of this by the age of 28, and while I had achieved a lot, knew how to work really hard, be disciplined and could brainstorm ideas for days, there was something missing between where I was and where I wanted to be, senior and executive level leadership. I was a leader with a lot of promise and potential, but found it excruciating to connect the dots to the next level of leadership.

Fortunately for me, I had come to time in my life where I realized that more achievement wasn’t going to translate to more happiness. I was making six figures plus, met my amazing wife, had our first home, more than I had even dreamed for myself, but I wasn’t happy.

I was exhausted, disconnected and unsure of where to go next and how to get there.

That’s when I realized I needed a reinvention. That’s when I began a leadership transformation and realized that the strategies that I had relied on for success to get me here, wasn’t going to get me there, there being the leader I had dreamed of being.

In that journey, I learned who I am, discovered an authentic confidence and developed the edge to be a leader at the next level.

I’ve gone from a guy with a lot of ideas about leadership to a guy who is leading with people all ages, experiences and backgrounds. I coach executives at the highest levels, have built a business that allows me to live and work anywhere and found a true sense of joy and confidence that I always knew was there, but found elusive.

I’ve taken all of this experience and channeled it into my business to help other leaders navigate exciting transitions in their life where they faced with greater responsibility and pressures. And, I help them create more results with less time and energy than they think it will take, so they can be successful in other areas of life.

Some of my favorite other areas of life right now include surfing, being a dad to my daughter, Gabby, and husband to my wife, Tasha.