Everett Y. PhD, Musician

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Whether you know it or not, you are full of greatness, and Rodney sees it. He helps you discover what a unique gift you are to humanity, and then he shows you how to make being that gift your way of life. Oh, and you'll learn to stop beating yourself up like a drill sergeant too.

Avnish Sabharwal, Entrepreneur, Coach

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As a Coach, Rodney relates to you as your highest self and holds you to that standard from a commitment to you loving yourself as much as he does.  He provides a safe and fun space for you to be an adventurer in discovering your life and the best of you.  By working with Rodney I’m certain that you will produce unprecedented transformation in yourself and in your relationships.  I feel privileged to call him my friend and colleague

Mike Tinder, Tinder Leadership and Consulting

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Rodney brings magic to his conversations.  Before you know what’s happening, Rodney has created an empowered space where the only thing left for you to see is how great you really are.  His curiosity empowers the process and sustains growth.  His love and heart provide the faith to let go of what has been holding you back.  The conviction and experience in his voice provide the strength you need to move forward.  When you are there, all you can do is smile and say thank you.  Thanks Rodney.

Kathy Metcalf, LCSW-C

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One of the great privileges of being a psychotherapist is to experience the growth of a client.  Sometimes that shift is subtle, almost imperceptible to the outside world.  Making those shifts an intimate sharing between client and therapist.  And then there are times, when the shift is grand.  Outsiders notice the person as being more powerful, confident and comfortable in their own skin.  This kind of shift is not only life changing for the client it has the potential to change the world. For almost two years now, I’ve had the ...

Adam, Entrepreneur

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Working with Rodney has allowed me the space to look for myself; beyond the judgments, the guilt, and the interpretations into what is actually possible for my life. With the help of his powerful insights and reflections around my relationships with others, myself, and my goals, I have a profound sense of freedom! I am finding a new place to live from, and happiness that I didn't know existed. I cannot thank him enough!